Executable English Quick Start

The Executable English system works best with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or Brave

For full functionality, please set your browser to allow popup windows from https://www.executable-english.com

1. hold down the shift key and click on go to the executable English platform

2. click the GO button

3. select an example from the list in the middle of the page

4. at the top of the page, click the wide button, and select "Go to view or change..."

5. you should now see some syllogism-like rules and some tables of data
    this is the program you are about to run

6. at the top of the page, choose "Go to the question menu"
    you should now see a a list of questions you can ask

7a. hold down the CTRL key and double click the first sentence
      then go to step 9
7b. single click on the first sentence
      you should now see a new small window with a ? button

        Don't see a new small window?
             Try setting your browser to allow www.executable-english.com to open pop-up windows
          Still don't see a new small window?
             Check that your window manager has Autoraise turned off

8. In the new small window, click the ? button

          on android or slow network connections, you may need to click the button several times

9. you should now see an Answer table

10. at the top of the page, click on "Go To the Question Menu" hold down the mouse button,
      and select "Get an Explanation of the Selected Line" and release the button

11. you should now see a step-by-step English explanation of how the system
      used the rules and facts in the example to get the answer

12. at the top of the page, choose "Go to View or Change the Agent"
      you will see the rules and facts that you have just been running.
      (you can edit them in place, and go to step 5 above)

13. you are welcome to write and run your own examples!

14. please see the tutorials for more details