We are a privately held company, registered in California USA, doing business as "Executable English LLC"

The CTO of Executable English LLC is Dr. Adrian Walker. His experience includes:
  • Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

  • Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill New Jersey

  • Manager, Principles and Applications of Logic Programming, IBM Yorktown Heights Research Laboratory

  • Manager, Internet Development, Eventra (a manufacturing supply chain company)

Executable English LLC provides the Executable English platform supporting:
  • writing readable, self explaining programs, in open vocabulary English

  • automatic generation and execution of complex networked SQL programs.

To use the platform, simply point a browser to the home page .   Shared use is free. There are no commercials.

We also provide:
  • Confusion Encryption, a novel encryption method having the property that an attacker who finds a plausible plaintext from a ciphertext cannot know whether or not the plaintext is a correct decrypt.

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